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Kadena mining more than an alternative

Kadena-Mining mehr als eine Alternative

On the one hand, the Kadena (KDA) miners from Goldshell (KD Max) and soon also Bitmain (Antminer KA3) can be found among the most profitable ASIC miners, on the other hand the cryptocurrency is only traded in selected markets (e.g. Kucoin, Binance) . The future forecasts are similar to those of its counterparts, although at second glance it becomes clear that Kadena has some benefits that should soon receive more attention.

Kadena was founded by Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, among others, in 2016 as a modern, digitally future-oriented company and was offered as a coin from 2019. The co-founders Popejoy and Martino were also the ones who developed the first blockchain from JPMorgan. Kadena encompasses an entire ecosystem and consists of two blockchains, Chainweb and Kuro, which primarily offer solutions in terms of transaction speed (block time of only around 1.5 seconds), costs, sustainability and scalability. In addition, the Kadena Coin offers broad support for smart contracts and NFTs. Developers are enabled to create apps for decentralized finance. The company also supports innovations financially.

Mining KDA is important to continue to ensure the security of the network and verify transactions. The ASIC miners currently offered by the manufacturer Goldshell are extremely high-quality in terms of workmanship and the support also responds quickly. In our opinion, every miner contingent also includes Kadena miners, which is why we would like to advise you. A new era of mining is likely to begin with the soon-to-be-released Bitmain Antminer KA3.

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