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MatchX NEO - the new MXC / DOGE miner

MatchX NEO - der neue MXC / DOGE Miner
Welcome to the world of NEO, a revolutionary low-power data networking rig built for performance. In February 2022, MatchX Hardware engineers began conceptualizing this unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, creating an immersive and feature-rich experience with a clear focus on decentralization and performance.

NEO is the latest masterpiece from MatchX. A premium, cost-effective yet powerful piece of hardware


  • High-performance multi-token rig: MXC and DOGE
  • Extremely low power consumption, less than 1 watt consumption, resulting in virtually zero electricity costs
  • Global compatibility: high performance in every country, everywhere
  • Optimized power supply with USB-C port for easy connectivity
  • Improved location data that supports end-to-end indoor operations
  • Portability, for use on the go
  • Built-in theft protection
  • Enhanced Low-Scale Certification (LSC) technology
  • Cost-effective, high-performance rig that allows anyone to join the global data network

Why Neo?

NEO serves multiple purposes, the central premise for NEO can be easily summarized: limitless accessibility. NEO is designed to not only significantly increase the accessibility of MXC's global mining network, but also leverage the use of Web3 certification, increasing the utility of IoT, data and Web3, and ultimately a more decentralized and accessible ecosystem for all to create around the world.

Thanks to the highly successful implementation of the M2 Pro, MatchX already has an impressive and thriving global LPWAN network for IoT, Web3, NFT and NFC devices. As various global business partners came on board MXC's miner-powered network, the need arose to further strengthen the network infrastructure in densely populated urban areas, especially when it came to individual and unique product certification. This is a key feature of the NEO. NEO provides network partners with a need for increased accessibility and verification even in the narrowest streets of the city, secured by a reliable, verifiable hardware network. Therefore, NEO was born - built to verify, built for indoor use, and built to work!

The main purpose of NEO is to improve network verification and accessibility. For optimal results, a large number of NEO rigs are required to span even the smallest corners of cities or rural areas. That's why NEO has been made available to more people with its incredibly affordable price of just €495 (EURO). Now everyone can join this global movement without breaking the bank.

Dual mining: MXC and DOGE

Why settle for just one token when there is so much more? We believe that our commitment, worldwide Offering multi-token accessibility for the first time has made MatchX the brand of choice for hardware experts, multi-token mining enthusiasts and absolute mining beginners. To continue this community engagement, the MXC Foundation team decided to implement a dual token model on NEO, with MXC and DOGE, all in their native DataDash app.

Low power consumption, maximum results

The recent increase in energy costs has increased everyone's mindfulness regarding energy consumption. As many of us reduce our electricity bills, we at MatchX also believe it is our responsibility to continue our high environmental standards in producing low power hardware. With NEO we believe we have achieved exactly that - with just under 1 watt! Now if you look at a standard light bulb with 40 watts of energy, NEO only uses a fraction of that power. This results in virtually zero energy costs for users. A decisive advantage for the environment and your wallet that others simply cannot keep up with.

Low power consumption does not have to mean that the results are poor. Although NEO only consumes 1 watt of power, its operation has been optimized to provide maximum data network benefits. Not only is the general base standard more beneficial, network participants are also able to improve their journey by raising their levels in a simple and logical way. Additionally, there are additional incentives that can be unlocked for more established users with proven reliable network delivery. This is a data network certifier that delivers network results!

Easy to use and full portability

We believe that participating in the global data movement should be both easy and available that it must be available to everyone, especially those without technical experience. NEO is truly revolutionizing crypto mining by making it easier than ever before. With a USB-C connection, NEO can be easily powered without the need for POE. With full wireless connectivity integration, NEO can connect to any internet source, including 5G and 4G enabled smartphones. Additionally, installation takes less than 5 minutes with no prior technical knowledge required.

Thanks to its innovative technology, NEO is completely portable for those of us who are constantly on the go. With a standard 1000mAh portable power pack like a power bank, NEO can be fully powered for a full day under normal use. Connected to a smartphone, NEO can also work on the MXC and DOGE DataDash chains from anywhere, anytime and for anyone. Although we recommend users install NEO indoors at their home, the added portability is expected to be a bonus for those who want to take NEO with them while away from home for extended periods of time to ensure greater network range.

Anti-theft and censorship resistant

One of the most beneficial aspects of blockchain technology is decentralization and anonymity. While anonymity is important, it should not be used to sacrifice the security of those involved in the network. To further protect NEO rig users, we have implemented anti-theft measures for NEO. This means that when a legitimate user receives their NEO and registers it in the DataDash app, that information is hardcoded onto the device. Even if a party with malicious intent steals your NEO and installs it somewhere else, the hard-coded information on NEO distributes all network activity back to the legitimate and original user's account every time, every time.

Global Compatibility

As more and more people choose to work and live remotely, we at MatchX also strive to embrace the new, hyper-digital tech punk Adopt nomadic culture. Everything is possible with NEO. With an optimized tech stack, NEO achieves global compatibility, no matter where you live on this planet, NEO works. There is only a single model of NEO, and miners can now move around the world and continue to enjoy simple mining operations with NEO without any further configuration.

Exclusive pre-sale, only for a limited time

Due to the high anticipation and demand for NEO, we have only opened an exclusive pre-sale for a short time. To give early participants even more advantages, MatchX offers early bird discounts. In addition, we offer a referral bonus for those who participate in the presale. When you share NEO with a friend, not only will your friend receive additional discounts, but you will also receive a bonus!

Order now for €415.90 net / €495 gross here in the shop.

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