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We rely on long-term partnerships.

For us, honesty, reliability and confidence have priority. So it goes without saying that we want to get to know you in order to understand your needs better. So we can  put together the right package and thus draw up a common roadmap for the coming months and years. Although we have been active in IT, server and network technology and early on in crypto and Miner Hosting for over 25 years, we have always remained down to earth. We also select our staff according to all the criteria mentioned above.

We do not want the short-term business, but enjoy a long-term cooperation and partnership with our customers. It is important to form the coming years together and to use the opportunities of the new technologies.

We procure the mining hardware directly from the manufacturer or certified suppliers in China. In the warehouse in Shenzen near Hong Kong, we check the functionalities of the Miners and create a video of it on request. At the same time, we configure the miners for later commissioning and record them in our own Mining Farm Software for later monitoring.

We ship your hardware free of charge and fully insured to the Mining Farm of your choice. The delivery time is around 4 weeks. We don't choose the cheapest shipping route, but the safest and most direct route to the destination.

Arriving at the Mining Farm, it should only take a few hours for your miner to start digging.

Free insured shipping

We deliver Miners worldwide free of charge and fully insured to the location of your choice or to one of our data processing centers if you use our hosting service.

Setup help

Before a Miner starts its journey, at the latest when it arrives at its destination in the Mining Farm, we configure it for operation. We will help you set up your Wallet and/or Mining Pool.

24/7 support

Some of our supporters are available around the clock , accepts your concerns and decides on the next steps. Depending on what needs to be done, we coordinate all with the Hosting Centers and on-site technicians.

Maintenance and care

On a regular basis we maintain, clean and take care of the miners at regular intervals, which inevitably extends their run-time.

Firmware updates

The manufacturer provides downloads for new firmware at irregular intervals that correct small bugs and improve, optimize or stabilize the work of the device. We install this firmware in the background without any significant downtime.

Processing of repair

In-house workshops are usually available for repairs that we coordinate for you. If components have to be replaced, you will receive a cost estimate. After approval, we ensure quick repairs until the resumption of operations.

In addition to the operating temperatures, the quite high power consumption is the main reason for professional hosting in a special Mining Farm. We primarily rely on locations outside of Europe. Hosting in Europe will no longer be possible in the short to medium term due to rising energy prices.

We offer various services related to Hosting and the Mining Farms, all of which we offer in an all-inclusive -Service-Fee with 9€/month. Only repairs and costs for the replacement of components have to be paid for separately.

In addition, there are the electricity costs, which vary depending on the Miner. If, according to the manufacturer, the consumption is specified with 3000 watts and we were able to agree on a price of 6 C/kWh (depending on the number of miners), the following calculation would result:

Costs per hour : 3.0 kW/h * 0.06 Euro/kWh = 0.18 Euro/hour

Costs per day: 3.0 kW/h * 0.06 Euro/kWh * 24 = 4.32 Euro/day

Costs per month: 3.0 kW/h * 0.06 Euro/kWh * 24 * 30.5 = 131,76 Euro/month

For the specific example, the monthly costs amounted to 131.76 Euro net plus Fee (depending on the number of miners between 9 & 29€) plus 19% VAT.

Crypto Mining will and must first of all adapt itself to climate change in the coming years and decades. Although there is sufficient expertise to show that the mining of a Bitcoin consumes only a fraction of the energy resources that are used up in banking for the same value of currency. However Crypto Mining is often in the focus when the topics climate protection and energy consumption pop up.

We didn't select green as the color of our company for nothing. We host with green electricity to a maximum extent. We also work paperless as much as possible and demand the same from our partners. We spend a large part of our free time with our families in nature.

In addition to hydropower, solar power from solar parks or photovoltaics is an electricity supplier, on which we will increasingly build in the future. Efficiency is the key to successful mining.


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