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ASIC Miner Hosting

Favourable power, secure infrastructure and professional service.


Crypto Mining works according to the so-called Proof-of-Work-System, which is supposed to enable everyone to participate in the Blockchain. Enormous computing power is required to solve complex algorithms, which is finally rewarded in the form of Cryptocurrency. In addition to Bitcoin, well-known Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash and Kadena rely on Proof-of-Work. To start mining, you need the right hardware, a suitable location and finally a registration in a Mining Pool.

We will help you to acquire suitable, powerful and at the same time efficient miners. So-called ASIC Miners (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) are primarily used for this purpose, which are designed precisely for such mining operations. At the same time, we know specialized data processing centers, so-called Mining Farms or Mining Hotels, to operate your Mining Hardware in an optimal environment, including low energy costs and professional services.

By the way, in our Academy we go more detailed into specific terms.

We buy the ASIC miners required for crypto mining on your behalf directly from the manufacturer and ship the hardware within around 4 weeks free of charge and fully insured to the mining farm of your choice.

By the way, there is no general answer to the lifespan of an ASIC miner. Regular maintenance, a suitable room climate and a stable power supply help to extend the life expectancy of an ASIC Miner to several years beyond the manufacturer's guarantee. All miners can usually be repaired cheaply on site if a component has a defect.

On request, we can send you a video of your miner while we check the functionality before shipping. At the same time, we configure the machines in a way that they only have to be connected to electricity and the Internet at the future location. We are of course at your side when registering Wallets, Mining Pools and more.

In addition to the operating temperatures, the quite high power consumption is the main reason for professional Miner Hosting in a special Mining Farm. We primarily rely on locations outside of Europe. Hosting in Europe will no longer be possible in the short to medium term due to rising energy prices.

We offer various services related to Hosting and in the Mining Farms, which we combine in an All-Inclusive Service Package for 29€/month. Only repairs and costs for the replacement of components have to be paid for separately.

In addition, there are the power costs, which vary depending on the miner. If, according to the manufacturer, the consumption is specified as 3000 watts and we were able to agree on a price of 0.89 C/kWh (depending on the number of miners), the following calculation would result:

Costs per hour : 3.0 kW/h * 0.089 Euro/kWh = 0.267 Euro/hour

Costs per day: 3.0 kW/h * 0.089 Euro/kWh * 24 = 6.408 Euro/day

Costs per month: 3.0 kW/h * 0.089 Euro/kWh * 24 * 30.5 = 195.44 Euro/month

For the specific example, the monthly costs amounted to  224.44 Euro net plus 19% VAT.

We operate Crypto Mining and Hosting with selected partners at various locations worldwide. Together we will find your Mining Hotel, but it should be said that sites are rare and therefore sometimes limited.

A few words about special locations below:


Like in the rest of Europe, mining is limited at home. Only machines with low power consumption such as 19" Jasminer can still be hosted profitably here. Our partner operates one of the most renowned hosting centers in Germany in the Rhineland-Palatinate region.


Switzerland is known for its number of lakes and endless dammed water reserves. A unique infrastructure for ASIC Miners was created inside a hydroelectric power station. The location is also characterized by a continuously optimal indoor climate, so that the Miners constantly work a their maximum capacities.


Of course, we find the superlatives in relation to solar parks in Dubai. The miners in the top air-conditioned rooms are operated 100% with solar energy and one can confidently claim that green bitcoins are produced here.

Iceland, Canada, Angola

We here also host with regenerative energies and offer at these locations maximum security time and support.

Purchase the miners from certified suppliers or directly from the manufacturer

We don't compromise or take any risks when it comes to sourcing the hardware. In this way we don't run the risk of receiving inferior goods. We ask for confirmation of the condition of all devices with specific data and videos before we ship them.

Free insured shipping

We ship Miners worldwide free of charge and fully insured to the respective location of your choice or one of our data processing centers if you use our Hosting Service.

Setup help

Before a miner starts his journey, at the latest when it arrives at the destination in the mining farm, we configure it for operation. We will help you set up your wallet and/or Mining Pool.

24/7 support

Some of our supporters are available around the clock, accept your concerns and decides on the next steps. Depending on what needs to be done, we coordinate with the Hosting Centers and on-site technicians.

Maintenance and care

On a regular basis we maintain, clean and take care of the miners at regular intervals, which inevitably extends their run-time.

Firmware updates

The manufacturer provides downloads for new firmware at irregular intervals that correct small bugs and improve, optimize or stabilize the work of the device. We install this firmware in the background without significant downtime.

Repair processing

In-house workshops are usually available for repairs that we coordinate for you. If components have to be replaced, you will receive a cost estimate. After approval, we ensure quick repairs until the resumption of the operations.

You will automatically receive a regular invoice from us every month. Service fee and electricity are to be paid in advance. Payment defaults can mean that we have to shut down your miners. We accept transfers in Euro or payments with common Cryptocurrencies.

Many of our customers record mining revenues with simple Excel spreadsheets. Some use special software, coin trackers or similar. In any case, it makes sense to exchange ideas with your own tax consultant and to define the booking account if the Mining Sales are to be recorded commercially. Whether as an entrepreneur or a private individual, mining sales are always exempt from sales tax. They are only to be taken into account in the context of income tax (private) or  for corporation and trade tax in case of business.


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